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Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage works much deeper than classical massage, because the various forms of stretching and pressing on the acupressure points in the body establish the balance of the whole body: eliminate pain and muscular tension, improve the blood and lymphatic system, increase joint mobility, strengthen the body.

Positively influences specific diseases such as: migraine, sciatica and back pain.

Thai massage with aromatic oils

Ingredients in aromatic oils in combination with massage activate nerve endings and stimulate blood circulation, and therefore this type of massage facilitates and facilitates healing, calms nervous tension, and cures frequent health problems such as: insomnia, headaches and many other health problems.

Reflex foot massage

Oriental massage, otherwise known as reflexology, is an ancient art of healing that works by the principle that body organs, including the brain, are connected through the energy channels to the nerve endings of your feet.

When our feet are tired, our mind and body are consequently tired. By massaging the feet, we improve the blood circulation of the body, and we also apply it in back pain, during menstrual problems, headaches, and pain and difficulty with feet and feet.

Thai massage with warm herbs

In cotton curd-cured herbs, warmed to a pleasant temperature, it works beneficially for the whole body. Massage has a very positive effect on our mood. With it you will experience unforgettable relaxing moments.

Thai massage with peeling

The skin continually creates new cells that after a certain period of time are dead. After the thirties, natural skin regeneration slows down, and often the result is dry, scaly skin that looks tired and lifeless. Thai massage with peeling will well cleanse the skin, remove dead cells, improve its ability to regenerate, and establish a natural balance.

Massage of the head and face

Massage of the head and face leads to the relaxation of the spirit and the body, alleviates the headache, improves concentration, stimulates the blood circulation of the skin on the head and face. The effects of this massage provide an unforgettable experience.

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